• john_piano_home_002

    Mari Wilson

    Thank you for your exquisite piano playing, oh my, you just get better and better and I'm SO enjoying it. - Mari Wilson

  • elainePaige_home_003

    Elaine Paige

    How can I thank you enough? The band really came together under your leadership and fantastic tinkling of the ivories - I've enjoyed it so much more than any tour before - you have made it so easy. Much love and admiration Elaine x

  • John G Smith with Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett


    Damon is, to me, an artist who happens to use music as his medium. He's always thinking in big ideas, but loves nurturing the project with unusual details...

  • John G Smith on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway itv.com

    Ant and Dec

    The way you have just calmly and professionally taken everything on board has been greatly appreciated and you are highly regarded by myself and production. (Head of Music ITV)